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FAQ & Dictionary


We are currently compiling a list of all the questions we’ve been asked in order to help you understand our process better. In the meantime, please feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to answer your questions directly.


Sometimes it seems like vendors have a jargon all their own. We have put together this dictionary to help clarify our products and services. If something is still unclear, call us and we will be happy to clarify.

Definition of Terms

Wedding Day Feature is an edited 40 – 60 minutes highlight of your wedding day. Event footage will be cut to music, mixed with live sound, and feature effects such as black and white, sepia, split screen, and other cinematic effects to create a highly stylized rendering of your day. It includes custom titles and your choice of music.

Recap is a 3-5 minute highlight of the Wedding comprised of the most poignant moments of the day set to music. Every wedding day feature includes the Recap.

Web Recap is a custom designed web page featuring your recap to share with family, friends, and guests. The page will include customized images and text, a streaming video of your recap, as well as video download options for portable video players, and an embed link. Along with your final video, your Web Recap will be delivered with detailed instructions on how to share, embed, and download. It will stream for up to six months after delivery.

* Every package we have includes a web recap. We want you to be able to share your day with friends and family long after the day has ended.

High Definition Video is one of the newest digital technologies available which shoots at a higher resolution than standard definition digital video on a similarly small unobtrusive camera. HDV captures crisper, more vibrant images and improved color representation. Upgrade includes your videographer and assistant shooting on the Sony Z1U camera set at 720p in 16:9 Widescreen and delivery of Feature on Widescreen DVD.

* In an effort to offer more clients the opportunity for HDV, we have lowered our prices to $750 per event. Take advantage of this special offer and the added quality that HDV coverage can offer.

Super 8 Pickups is an option for someone who treasures the classic look of vintage home movies. The film stock we use is Kodak Black and White Reversal Film and creates a stylishly grainy look. This coverage option is to pick up shots with film during key moments of the event such as getting ready, the ceremony, and photographs, which will then be edited together with the digital footage in the Wedding Day Feature as well as cut together into a Super 8 Recap. For more extensive coverage, other film options are available upon request.

Additional Videographer is recommended for events where more extensive coverage is desired. This can include events with over 250 guests, when the schedule requires the need for simultaneous coverage in two different locations, or when extra coverage is desired. Having an additional videographer allows for more thorough coverage of the event so that the edited Feature offers an enhanced re-telling of your day.

Confessionals are a staged area at an event where an additional Camera Operator and Producer will be on hand to interview guests as a Special Feature for the final DVD. An unobtrusive way for guests to record a special message, Confessionals are our alternative to interviewing guests at the event and allows for a more thoughtful and heartfelt moment from your guests.

Commentary Reel is a filmed interview up to 2 hours with the Bride and Groom prior to their wedding day. The interview will be edited into the Wedding Day Feature or added as a Special Feature on the final DVD. The commentary reel can be about the couple’s story, how they met, the engagement, your emotional expectations, or the wedding planning process. This feature offers a unique perspective on your wedding and allows you to reminisce about everything leading up to the special day.

Raw Footage Edit is an assembly of your raw footage combining the Videographer’s footage and the Assistant’s footage as the day unfolded and removing any unnecessary footage.

Photo Wallpaper is a vignette of up to 200 photos with transitions and titles that can be played as a loop. Wallpapers are a cool decor item and a great way to feature your favorite moments with friends and family at the event.

Thank You Recap is an expedited and more customized version of the Web Recap. As an extra feature, the recap will be edited within four weeks after your event and your HTML page can be personalized with a ‘Thank You’ message for guests. You can send the link with your ‘Thank You’ cards or as an email to friends and family.

Web Feature is an add on to the Web Recap page which will stream the full Wedding Day Feature in addition to the Recap.