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Our Packages


At Milk & Honey Productions, we specialize in offering custom tailored packages

so that our clients receive the event film and photos that best meets their needs.

Reach out directly for more detailed information!

Our premium packages include:



  * 2-4 Cinematographers & Photographers using high-end digital equipment

  * Edited 40-60 minute feature (including review session) using your music choices

  * 5-10 minute highlight of the entire day set to your favorite song

  * 1 minute mini-highlight clip for social media

  * USB thumb drive with Hi-Res videos and photos

  * Blu-Ray or DVDs with video and still photographs

  * Raw Footage - Optional

We also offer additional event coverage including rehearsal dinners, brunch or other events; super 8mm coverage; photomontages, wallpapers or tribute films to play at an event; special destination packages; and more.

**2020 Video Upgrade Packages**

 * Resolution Upgrade (SD<HD or HD<4K)
 * Digital Deliverables (File Transfer, USB Stick, or Hard Drive - HD Files)
 * Future Proofing (Raw Footage, Project Files if applicable)  
 * Social Media Cut (Newly Edited 1 minute Clip for Sharing - Licensed Music Add-On Option)


212 - 725 - 0014

116 West 23rd Street

New York, NY 10013



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