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We formed Milk & Honey Productions in 2000 based on the idea that we could offer something better than standard event videography. Given our filmmaking expertise, cumulative experience and eye for detail, we knew we could offer clients the kind of sophisticated filmmaking that a truly important event deserves.

Nobody offers the quality of work that Milk & Honey Productions can. We’ve captured hundreds of happy events—from intimate gatherings to over-the-top destination extravaganzas—and we have the skills to provide top-of-the-line results no matter the style, size or location of an event.


What truly sets us apart is our bespoke, personal approach. Every event is different, and so is every project we create for our clients. From the first frame to the last cuts, clients are involved in assuring that their story is told perfectly and individually. Milk & Honey Productions will always deliver something beautiful, professional and, above all, personal.

We believe our work isn’t just filmmaking – it’s storytelling.


About Zev Greenfield

“What fascinates me about photography has always been people,” says Milk & Honey Productions founder Zev Greenfield, explaining what’s driven his decades-long career behind the camera. 

The son of an Orthodox rabbi and a creative artist, Zev moved with his mother to Greenwich Village in 1967 and grew up surrounded by New York City’s creative energy. Indeed, Greenfield says,

“I was being cultivated as an artist for my entire life.”

When Zev was 10 years old, Greenfield got his first camera and he hasn’t stopped taking pictures since. Whether based in New York—where he’s called the legendary Chelsea Hotel home since 1974—or in his work abroad in countries including South Africa and Israel, Greenfield has spent a lifetime photographing the people and places that move him. And while he’s produced films, TV specials and numerous other projects, weddings have been a constant inspiration; Greenfield has photographed Zulu weddings, Indian weddings, Jewish weddings and even a few celebrity weddings.


“People often refer to my photography as being very real and very honest,” he says.

“I use my artistry to tell a story.”

Watch Zev's African Wedding Below!

Zev & Jodi's African Wedding

Zev & Jodi's African Wedding

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