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Our History

We are filmmakers.

After an unlikely meeting on a film set and some persuasive arguments, Zev Greenfield and Johnny Boston got together to set a new standard for the wedding video market in 2002. Combining Zev’s years of experience in the wedding world and Johnny’s work creating innovative film and videos, they developed a concept that has been mimicked across the industry. That concept was to create a beautiful and touching documentary that told the story of a wedding day and always strive to offer something innovative and of the best quality.


Zev Greenfield

Zev Greefield is one of the founders of Milk & Honey Productions. Zev brings a wealth of talent and experience to Milk&Honey Productions. A native New Yorker, Zev has spent a lifetime at the center of the avant garde community. He has worked on film documentaries for HBO, Trio Network and the BBC. For the last six years Zev has been one of the most requested photojournalists at Gruber Photographers, one of New York’s most distinguished wedding photography studios. He has received artistic acclaim on four continents. Whether capturing human interest subjects in Africa, Europe or the Middle East, or a celebrity wedding in Manhattan, Zev’s work is set apart by artistic sensitivity and emotional understanding. Because he treats each client with an individual approach, the end product represents not only the experience but also the essence of the event.

Johnny Boston

Johnny Boston, co-founder of Milk & Honey Productions, is a producer and director with two decades of experience in the film industry. Mr. Boston has created documentaries, mobile and web content, films and videos, and has worked with organizations such as PBS, The Clinton Foundation, The Center for Constitutional Rights, Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Port Authority of New York, and the Cleveland Historic Society, as well as corporations such as Jergens, DuPont, Maybelline, IKEA, and Carlson Communications. Mr. Boston is currently working on a Pilot with Fox Television Studios. The comedic series looks at life in Manhattan through the eyes of a group of friends as they transition from their twenties to their thirties. Mr. Boston has recently finished a feature-length documentary called My Name is Alan and I Paint Pictures, which follows a schizophrenic street artist, documenting his life, struggles, and the development of his craft to create a film on the dueling powers of art and paranoia on this unique individual. The film premiere at the Monaco Film Festival where it received the award for Best Documentary.


Our product is a collaboration of talents not just one man with a camera and this is why we are better.

Client Services – Our client services are there when you need them. From answering your questions when you first meet with us until your film is done, our client specialists ensure that your needs are being met throughout.

Head of Production – Works to match your production team to your tastes and aesthetics. By finding the people who will be at your event and coordinating all the details our Head of Production makes sure you never worry.

Post-Production Supervisor – Ensures our products come out in the highest possible quality, to your specifications, and in a timely fashion. Your post-production supervisor’s goal is to shorten delivery time and find new ways for you to share your video.

Videographers, Camera Assistants, Editors – All professionals working in documentary, feature, and television, our crews are hand selected among the best up-and-coming filmmakers in the area.