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Definition of Terms for Videography

Feature Film is an edited 40 – 60 minute film of your event. Footage will be cut to music, mixed with live sound, and feature effects such as black and white, sepia, split screen, and other cinematic effects to create a highly stylized rendering of your day. It includes custom titles and your choice of music.


Highlight Film is a recap of the event comprised of the most poignant moments of the day set to music.


Physical Copies come in your choice of USB thumb drive, Blu-Ray Disc or DVD. BRDs and DVDs will come with a personalized menu and extra features.


Web Link is a web page featuring your Highlight Film to share with family, friends, and guests.


Notes/Changes allow for clients to receive a preview cut and gives them an amount of additional hours of editing time in order for an editor to implement whatever notes or changes the client desires, whether it’s scrapping or adding footage.


Social Media Cut is a super short highlight clip with licensed music that can be shared across any and all social media platforms.


Custom Webpages include your normal weblink but come along with a video channel of your Feature Film, Highlight Film, Social Media Cut, and any extra clips or pieces of your footage, or photos, that you want to include in order to keep all your media in one elegantly designed and user-friendly place.


Additional Videographers are recommended for events where more extensive coverage is desired. This can include events with over 250 guests, simultaneous coverage in two locations, or extras like Super 8 or Drone footage.


Interviews include an additional Camera Operator and Producer who will interview guests as an extra feature for the feature film or as an extra short clip.


Confessionals are an unobtrusive way for guests to record a special message in a separate location and allows for a more thoughtful and heartful moment from your guests.


Commentary Reel is a filmed interview up to 2 hours with the principles prior to the event (ie. bride & groom, mom & dad, bar/bat mitzvah, siblings, friends, etc). The interviews will be edited into the Feature Film or added as an extra feature.


Raw Footage Edit is an assembly of your raw footage combining the Videographer’s footage and the Assistant’s footage as the day unfolded and removing any unnecessary footage.


Additional Options:


Super 8 footage creates a stylishly grainy vintage look for a classic retro feel.

Drone footage allows us to capture images of your wedding from overhead, with swooping helicopter-like shots.

Photo Wallpaper is a montage of up to 200 photos with transitions and titles that plays in a loop on screens at your event.

Thank You Recap is a recap which will be edited within 4 weeks of your event and can include a ‘Thank You’ message for guests.


Technical Notes:


All videos will be delivered in High Definition (1080p, 16:9) - except DVDs which can only go as high as Standard Definition (480p)

USB Thumb Drives and Digital Downloads will be delivered as .MP4 files on ex-fat drives in order to play on a Mac or a PC.

4K Deliverables will require additional costs, flexible depending on deliverables.

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